Raising brand awareness by using leaflets and flyer marketing

Every business starts up small and has to struggle in order to reach that top position where people dream of having insufficient time to count money. However, it may or may not come in the lifetime of a business. There are a number of factors associated with it. One of the major factors is brand awareness. You may be selling or willing to sell a great product with a good guarantee, but if you do not have proper brand awareness campaigns running, you might not make that expected sale. There are a number of factors that come to play when running marketing campaigns for your business. One of them is creating brand awareness. Two of the most common methods used to create brand awareness is by using leaflets and flyers. Let’s take a look at how these benefit a newly established business.

Flyers – Basically these are small handbills that advertise either a product or a service. Flyers are distributed to create awareness about your product or service. Typically, people get these printed in thousands and have them distributed at a nearby railway or bus station since there a large amount of people going in and out. To make the most out of your flyer, there are a few points you need to keep in mind when getting a flyer designed.

  • Quantity – Most people recommend a huge number of fliers to be distributed so that at least 1% would probably contact you. However, if that percentage could be leveraged upto 3-5% by tweaking the design, content and adding a discount or similar attraction the returns could be big too.

Flyer Design – A flyer needs to have an eye catching design, some attractive content for the product or service that you’re offering and an attractive headline to ensure you get the reader’s attention.

Discounts & Coupons – If you’re asking people to visit your store or buy a service, incentivize it by adding a discount or adding a freebie coupon that would entice them to visit or recommend to other people. Everyone likes to get stuff for FREE.

Clarity – Your desired message must be concise, creatively designed and put in place to attract the reader and help generate traffic to your store.

Flyer cost & ROI – Do not look for cheaper avenues in order to save money on flyer production. If the desired quality isn’t there, your entire exercise of distributing flyers might go wasted. Quality represents your brand. Since you’re looking to raise brand awareness, every bit of your activity, must be done consciously.

Message & Focus – Don’t talk about your company, your years of experience. Your goal is to grab the reader’s attention in that few seconds he distracts himself to. Talk about your customers and how it can benefit them if they chose your product or service.

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