Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you deliver?

We have no set delivery schedules and prefer to work with your delivery schedules. We aim to meet your delivery requirements.

Where do you deliver?

We cover most suburbs in the Perth Metro region.

What is your minimum order size?

We do NOT have a minimum order size. No job order is too small.

Is flyer distribution effective?

Flyer distribution is a form of direct mail marketing that has proven highly effective.

Is flyer delivery expensive?

Flyerbox focuses on providing cost-effective services at competitive prices. You can contact us to request a quote for your specific requirements.

Will you deliver ready-made flyers?

Yes. You don’t have to design or print your flyer with us – you can simply deliver the ready-made materials to us so we can take care of the distribution.

What type of design files do I need to provide?

You can contact us for further details.

Do your deliveries include many other flyers?

No, we deliver your flyers exclusively; they are NOT bundled with any other flyers which means your message won’t be lost or overpowered.

Can I organise an exclusive flyer drop?

Yes, exclusive flyer drops is our speciality!

Do you deliver to businesses or industrial areas?

You can contact us for further information.

Do you track your deliveries?

Yes, we use a sophisticated GPS tracking system to show the exact route of every flyer dropper.

How do you verify delivery?

Yes, and you will be provided with copies of the GPS tracking results.

How soon can you make my delivery?

We can generally try arrange a drop within two week’s notice. However, the more notice we get, the better. Please provide any additional info needed on turnover times.

What are some best practices for effective flyer design?

●     Don’t overload your flyer with content – focus on the most important information you want to get across.

●     Use bold and catchy headlines.

●     Avoid using large blocks of small text.

●     Condense your information and make it easier to read by using bulleted points and lists.

●     Include a strong call to action like “call now” or “order online today”.

●     Include contact information at the bottom of the flyer.

●     Include a website address or a physical shop address with clear directions.

●     Use the type of wording your target audience will understand – avoid excessive jargon.

●     Proofread your work and fix any typos, as even simple mistakes can affect the professionalism of your final product.

How does your order process work?

Please contact us for more information

 Can I change my order?

Please contact us for more information. Some conditions apply.

 What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact us for more information on late cancellations.

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