Best Flyer Design Examples to Take Your Flyer to the Next Level

Flyers can be seen all over the place, advertising nearly anything. Many times these flyers are just tossed in the trash or just forgotten about, but they can be incredibly useful tools when done effectively. Flyers should be designed to grab the attention of your audience. They inspire you to take a specific action, like go to a show or visiting a store. This can be difficult to accomplish if you have a less than inspiring flyer. The tips here will help you create a flyer that people will remember and take action on.

1. Embrace Colour

One of the great things about choosing bold colours is that you are attracting attention to the flyer. Vibrant colours, when used well, can get you the attention you want by grabbing the focus of your audience.

2. Keep it Simple

Sometimes, you just can’t beat how effective simplicity is. One reason for this is that when you do too much on your flyer, it can distract from the message. However, by using simple text and minimal design elements, you are making a statement without punching the audience in the face with it.

3. Play with Patterns

Patterns can create a striking and visually interesting flyer. You can use a consistent pattern throughout the entire flyer, or using it as an accent feature for aesthetic appeal. The human eye is designed to naturally focus on patterns, which helps to ensure that people will look at your flyer. You do have to beware of mixing too many bold patterns on the flyer, because this could be visually confusing for the audience and make them less likely to focus on the messaging of the flyer. It shouldn’t be too loud for the audience or it won’t be as effective as you’d like.

4. Seasonal

Are you planning an event or sale around a specific holiday? If so, this is the perfect way to add some fun to your flyer. By using a seasonal pattern, you are able to capitalize on the popularity of the holiday to grab the attention of the audience. This makes your flyer more relatable. It will inspire a sense of nostalgia and happiness to your audience. It’s familiar. These are all reasons why seasonal designs are great touches to add to any flyer for your seasonal event.

5. Minimalist

You have a lot to say with your flyer, but that doesn’t mean that your flyer should be overwhelming to the audience. Minimalist designs are extremely popular and effective. It looks sleek and impressive. It’s easy for the audience to focus on the information on the flyer rather than get distracted by things like too many bold colours that offend the eyes. The fonts in these designs are very simple but extremely clean. There is a single image with a lot of dead space, allowing you to focus your eyes on the text that stands out.

6. Old School

Using an old school approach, such as one where there are numbers or contact information attached to the flyer for the reader to tear off and take with them, is still incredibly effective in modern times. Using humour and old school designs for your flyer, you can create a memorable flyer that will inspire the audience to take a desired action. Plus, you get the benefit of the nostalgia factor that people love when it comes to flyer designs.

7. Artsy

When creating a flyer, you can let your artsy flag fly. By using inspiration from traditionally used art mediums, you can add some extra visual appeal to your flyer that will attract the attention you’re looking for. You can utilize different approaches including in drawings, paint splatters and even effects similar to watercolour to create something that looks custom-made specifically for your flyer. Make sure that you use different textures to make the information that you want to stand out the main focus, while the artsy elements are the visual appeal that attracts the reader to the flyer to begin with. The artsy approach makes you look incredibly creative, which can make you more interesting to the audience.

8. Cute

It’s hard to find someone that isn’t immediately drawn in by an adorable image. Using pictures of children and pets can be a particularly cute touch that will draw in the audience to see the adorable photo, and then stay for the information on the flyer. The more adorable the kids or pets are, the more likely people are going to look at your flyer. You will get bonus points if you include both, as what’s cuter than a pet and their human? You will instantly get a lot of attention with your adorable flyer and people will remember it.

9. Nature

Most people have a great appreciation for nature, which is why adding elements like sunsets, trees, flowers, and other stunning offerings from nature can be exactly what you need to attract attention to your flyer. This gives your flyer an organic feel, which has a very wide appeal. Nature-inspired flyers create a feeling of solace in a flyer that people will love.

10. Blast from the Past

There is just something charming when you create a handcrafted design that looks like it could have been from a decade long ago. This can add whimsy and intrigue as well has having an eye-catching design that the reader will love.


Your flyer is a representation of your brand or business. You want to make sure that you inspire action in the audience, making them excited about what you have to offer them. You should put a great deal of care in designing a flyer because you want something that will attract attention, be memorable, and act as a call of action that inspires your audience. These tips here will help you find the best approach for designing an impactful flyer that won’t just be tossed in the trash when people see it.

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